Tips for skin and hair care while traveling

Tips for skin and hair care while traveling

Holiday = Travel = Fun time! Whether short or long distances, hills, beaches or just an adventure trek, travel is always exciting. Traveling is a great experience, even if it’s for work. However, if you don’t pay attention to your hair and skin care while traveling, your trip may be ruined!

New places, new climates, unhealthy diets, and the stress of travel can all take a toll on your skin and hair. It can cause problems like dull hair days, breakouts, acne breakouts, dry lips, and sun wrinkles. However, taking care of your skin and hair while traveling is not that difficult, so don’t worry.

Travel hair and skin care tips

Here are some tips to keep your skin and hair healthy during your stay.

1. Check the weather

Don’t make assumptions about the weather or climate when you go to a new place. Read about it and take notes. Your choice of moisturizer, face wash, shampoo, sunscreen and even the cosmetics you carry with you depends on whether the weather is cold, rainy or dry. For example, the humid season calls for pore-cleansing and moisturizing skincare, while the cold season calls for a creamy moisturizer.

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Here are some travel skin care tips. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

2. Take care of your skin as usual on holidays

Skin and hair cells never rest, so your skin care routine shouldn’t rest either. A consistent routine is the key to happy hair and skin. Carry your regular skin care products in travel-sized bottles to avoid spills and heavy luggage.

3. You only need the essentials

No need to carry a dresser everywhere. Carry the key ingredients you use in your regular routine, including cleansers, toners, moisturizers, night creams, and sunscreens. Also, don’t forget to bring disposable makeup wipes to remove makeup.

4. Keep moisturizer in your bag

Hydrate your skin with a moisturizer before flying or driving with air conditioning. Reapply to keep your skin hydrated. You can also carry around a moisturizing sheet mask to help your skin recover product hyaluronic acid Please choose the content of vitamin C according to your preference.

Moisturize dry skin
Remember to use a moisturizer while traveling.Image credit: Shutterstock

5. Carry your toner

The toner is a good choice for matting oily skin and revitalizing travel skin. However, if you don’t have toner, use blotting paper. It penetrates oil well and prevents the accumulation of dirt. It is also effective for sensitive skin.

6. Stay hydrated

Always carry a water bottle with you. Keep drinking water regularly. Many people avoid drinking water while traveling, but this is not a good idea. Insufficient hydration is bad for your skin and drinking water It takes away the shine of your skin and takes away the shine of your hair. Always drink water.

7. There’s no way to avoid sunscreen

You can leave everything at home, but no sunscreen. It should be applied before leaving the house and reapplied every 3-4 hours. Yes, you can even do it on an airplane or in a taxi. Sunscreens help prevent sunburn, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, and premature aging. Use gel-based sunscreens in the summer and cream-based sunscreens in the colder months. Use SPF 30 or higher.

8. Cover your hair with a scarf or hat

Covering your hair protects it from dirt, pollution and harsh sunlight. This also prevents aging of the scalp, allowing hair to stay younger and darker for longer.

9. Keep your hair tied up

We know it’s tempting to take celebrity selfies and photos with your hair blowing in the wind, but it can be bad for your hair. Prolonged exposure to strong winds can damage your hair. Wind carries dirt and particles. greasy scalp, the pores become clogged and the hair becomes tangled and easy to cut. Keep your hair in a bun or braid to prevent damage.

hair care tips
Tie your hair up to avoid accidents while traveling.Image credit: Shutterstock

10. Keep your makeup basic

If the make-up is too thick, there is a risk that it will run off or smudge. Also, if you do not remove it, it will cause acne, so skin pigmentation, dry skin and even fine lines. I don’t want that. So keep your make-up to a bare minimum.

11. Avoid using hotel toiletries

Your skin is unique and needs specific products. Unknown cosmetics are useless for your skin and hair. Often not top quality and made for general use. Skin and scalp may adversely affect the product. Therefore, do not use these products unless absolutely necessary. Or read the ingredients carefully before using.

Travel should be fun and you don’t have to worry about your skin or hair. If you follow the tips given, you don’t have to worry about anything. Keep good products for your skin and hair on hand and customize them for your travels.

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