Surgery With Minimally Invasive Laser Technology, A Rare Case At Sgpgi At ET HealthWorld

Surgery With Minimally Invasive Laser Technology, A Rare Case At Sgpgi At ET HealthWorld

LUCKNOW: Plastic surgeons at the Sanjay Gandhi Graduate School of Medicine have successfully performed laser surgery for: hair follicle nursery school procedures. hair follicle A small hole or tunnel at the top of the back where the skin divides.a disease Sinus symptoms are characterized by the formation and discharge of pus near the anus. Although common, it is very difficult to treat and is often characterized by relapses.

Oldest reference on this disease It belonged to a US soldier in the late 1800s who was diagnosed with pyronidal disease during the war, hence the name “Jeep’s disease”.

The disease occurs primarily in men with excessive back hair growth and affects 26 per 100,000 population.

“The cause of follicular sinuses is believed to be related to trapped hair follicles,” said Professor Rajeev Agarwal, director of plastic surgery. SGPGIPatients usually complain of small holes near the top of the buttocks with drainage of fluid or pus, he added. It may also be painful if fluid retention or infection develops. Contributing factors include family history, overweight or obesity, trauma or irritability, sedentary occupation or lifestyle, hirsutism, and poor hygiene.

He explained that traditional methods required surgical intervention followed by regular procedures such as abscess management. In comparison, plastic surgeons have used minimally invasive laser techniques to ease the burden on their patients.

“After the sinus is excised, the area is treated with a single beam of carbon dioxide laser to help remove the entire sinus duct. It includes no recurrence, no chance of infection, and no pain, no cuts, no stitches, no risk of blood loss,” he said.

  • Published May 26, 2023 at 3:02 PM IST

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