MTaI, India Host Roundtable at ET HealthWorld to Explore Medical Technology Perspectives

MTaI, India Host Roundtable at ET HealthWorld to Explore Medical Technology Perspectives

New Delhi: Indian Institute of Medical Technology (MTaI), an industry group representing the research base medical technology Organized by Indian companies, R&D and training of healthcare workers round table At JW Marriott Aerocity, New Delhi medical technology industry It will be attended by various embassy leaders and international diplomats.

of round tableThe theme of the medical technology The meeting was attended by Dr. Stephan Hesselmann, Minister Counselor of the German Embassy, ​​Mr. Eric Fajol, Trade Commissioner of the French Embassy, ​​Mr. Prashant Nahr, Managing Director of the Canadian High Commission, and representatives of the British High Commission. 1 person attended.

Emphasize that you are Indian medical infrastructure Several initiatives launched by the government have led to significant expansion and modernization. Pavan Chowdhurychairman, MTaI“India is a natural ally for Western countries, including Japan, and is emerging as one of the most attractive destinations for foreign companies looking to invest in the healthcare sector. medical technology “Stakeholders should work together on research and development, upskilling healthcare workers, leveraging India as a China+1 destination in Asia for manufacturing, conducting clinical trials, building academic partnerships, etc.,” Round said. Talking about the table, he said it was a great opportunity to understand and exchange ideas. Commenting on the evolution of India’s healthcare situation, Dr. Stefan Hesselmann, Minister of the German Embassy, ​​said, “Germany is one of India’s largest trading partners in the European Union and India is one of Germany’s most important economic partners in Asia. It is one,” he added. More than 2,000 German companies have made significant investments in India in sectors ranging from automotive, engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medical technology. India already has the tag of ‘pharmaceutical capital’ of the world and I believe that recent advancements in the medical technology sector have the potential to make India a leading player in the global healthcare sector. medical technology industry“India has become an important market for French companies, and several large French multinationals have a significant presence in the country,” said Eric Fajol, head of the French Embassy’s Trade Department. India has a long history of friendship,” he said. Business relations have been strengthened by the expansion of economic and strategic cooperation in recent years. The two countries have established strong trade ties across several sectors such as aerospace, defense, energy, information technology and healthcare. He is delighted to be able to participate in this roundtable discussion and would like to thank MTaI for organizing this roundtable discussion. The dialogue with medtech industry leaders at the roundtable was engaging and provided a better understanding of new opportunities emerging in the medtech sector in India. It should be added that French companies have been investing in India for decades and France is now among the top 10 investors in India. ”

Demand for innovative and advanced medical technology is expected to soar even further as the population grows and healthcare costs rise, he said. Sanjay BhutaniManaging Director of Bausch & Lomb said, “India’s healthcare industry has experienced steady growth in recent years, which has led to increased demand for medical devices, equipment and technology. India’s global medical technology companies have , we have the opportunity to develop products and solutions that meet the unique needs of the Indian market.”

In addition to roundtable discussions, MTaI also held sessions with member companies on various regulatory and policy issues during the day-long event. According to MTaI, the event provided a platform for medical technology industry leaders and international diplomats to explore new avenues for cooperation and investment in India’s healthcare sector.

  • Published May 6, 2023 at 10:13 AM (IST)

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