Motherhood Hospital Doubles NICU Capacity, Eyes Further Acquisition, ET HealthWorld

Motherhood Hospital Doubles NICU Capacity, Eyes Further Acquisition, ET HealthWorld

New Delhi: PE-backed healthcare chain focused on women and children maternity hospital Considering doubling the number of neonatal intensive care units (NICU) will increase production capacity in the next two years.

of Asia Healthcare Holdings AHH (AHH), the holding company for a hospital chain that operates 23 hospitals in 11 cities, plans to expand its scale through some acquisitions, executive chairman Vishal Bali told ET. .

According to him, motherhood added 300. NICU Number of beds in the last 3 years. The hospital chain launched his NICU Live, a remote patient monitoring model, in April this year, bringing the total number of beds to 500. “We are now the largest neonatology network in the country.”

Motherhood has acquired two properties in the past year: Femint and Mohali in Bangalore and Chaitanya in the Tricity area of ​​Chandigarh. Bali said all acquisitions were funded with resources at hand and paid off quickly.

The hospital chain is targeting revenue of around Rs 750 crore in 2023-24. The hospital is estimated to have finished its financial year last year with revenue of around Rs 450 crore.

Mr. Bali used to say Wokhardt hospital, and Fortis Healthcare After the former sold 10 hospitals to the latter.

AHH was dedicated to building a single specialty hospital chain, not multiple specialties, he said. “From a scalability point of view, we have found that focusing on a single specialty is much more profitable. You can,” Bali said. The group is considering further exploring specialties such as gastroenterology, diagnostic pathology and urology, he added. The group currently owns Nova IVF Center and Motherhood with 62 facilities in 42 cities.

AHH is backed by private equity funds Growth of TPG And Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC. Growth of TPG owns 55% of the company’s stock. GIC owns 45 percent.

  • Published May 26, 2023 at 10:40 am (IST)

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