MCD invests Rs 118 crore, ET HealthWorld to strengthen medical services

MCD invests Rs 118 crore, ET HealthWorld to strengthen medical services

New Delhi: The Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) has developed an action plan to improve medical services in its renowned hospitals.

The civil society’s hospital administration department claimed it had received Rs 118 million in funding from the Delhi government approved under the subsidy scheme for fiscal year 2023-24. This amount includes Rs.63.7 billion in the ‘general’ sector and Rs.54.8 billion in the ‘capital’ sector.

“From the funds received under the General Director, MCD is planning various initiatives in eight hospitals. 8 billion rupees for Kasturba Hospital”, 1.5 billion rupees for Gildari Lal Maternity Hospital, 6 billion rupees for Rajan Bab Hospital, 1.5 billion rupees for Barak Ram, 8.1 billion rupees for Swami Dayanand Hospital, 5 billion rupees are being spent on various projects at Mata Gujri Hospital in Tilak Nagar,” he said. civil society.

The MCD plans to spend Rs 15.2 crore on colony hospitals, clinics, dispensaries and maternal and child welfare management facilities.

City officials are prioritizing work that requires immediate attention, mainly in the medical sector.

“Procurement of dialyzers, ventilators, monitors and defibrillators for Hindurao’s various divisions is one of the priority works, and tenders are underway for some works. Swami Dayanand’s Ultrasound Unit for Radiology Hospital, Fetal Monitoring Unit at Kasturba Hospital, Existing Toilet Block, Drainage System, Improvement of Water Supply System, Waterproofing of Terrace, Special Repair of OPD Room, Emergency at Hindu Lao Hospital. The block is also among the completed projects,” said the civil society.

Over the past few days, Mayor Sherry Oberoi has visited many of MCD’s major hospitals and pointed out some missteps. She asked the authorities to fix it immediately.

On the other hand, construction of sewage pipe from OT block to sewage treatment plant of Rajan Bab Hospital, installation of fire door and finishing work of lobby of Barak Ram Hospital, construction of toilets for the elderly and disabled and Rajan Bab Hospital. of M&CW centers were repaired. Nangroi is one of the other projects that will be picked up from the funds received.

“The proposed project involves both improving/upgrading existing medical centers and procuring various essential equipment to provide optimal medical services to patients,” the official said.

On average, 23,728 patients use OPD services from various MCD medical units on a given business day. “MCD has launched an e-OPD service that allows people to register online. The service has been expanded to 188 medical facilities,” the official said.

  • Published May 25, 2023 at 5:49 AM (IST)

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