“IVF treatment in government hospitals needs time,” Health News, ET HealthWorld

“IVF treatment in government hospitals needs time,” Health News, ET HealthWorld

Pune: Maharashtra does not have a single government-run center in vitro fertilization (in vitro fertilization) process.

of private hospitalThese treatments are expensive and cost hundreds of thousands of rupees or more just to complete one course of treatment, so poor couples cannot afford them. According to research, infertility It is on the rise among men and women of all economic classes.

to make In vitro fertilization possible Experts said it was essential for everyone to start treatment in government hospitals. Studies show that 15 out of 100 couples suffer from: infertility This is due to multiple reasons such as increased stress, alcoholism, weight gain and late marriage.

Doctors said couples who do not conceive naturally despite having regular unprotected sex for more than a year are considered infertile. If you are 35 years of age or older, this period is reduced to approximately 6 months. For such couples, in vitro fertilization It’s a ray of hope. However, financially weak couples may not consider this option as it will cost hundreds of thousands of yen. Gynecology Associations and senior obstetricians and gynecologists have urged the government to start IVF treatment in public hospitals as well.

At present, even major hospitals in big cities such as Mumbai and Pune do not have government-run IVF centers. But work is underway at his two hospitals in Mumbai.Doctor Sangeetha RawatDean, King Edward Memorial Hospitalthe city of Mumbai said, “We are building an in vitro fertilization center, and there is a citizen movement for that. It will take about 3-4 months to open the center. in vitro fertilization center. “

The facility will also be available at Kama Hospital in Mumbai. Gynecologist Dr. Tushar Palawe said: Hopefully we can start by July or September.”

Sassoon General Hospital is exploring the possibility of establishing an artificial reproductive technology (ART) center.Doctor Sanjay Kumar Tambethe head of Gynecology “We have enlisted the help of a private company to propose an in vitro fertilization center within the hospital, where we will provide the space and they will be able to start treating patients,” the department said. said. However, this is in its early stages. “

  • Published May 23, 2023 at 2:34 PM IST

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