Home remedies for hickeys: do you know what works and what doesn’t?

Home remedies for hickeys: do you know what works and what doesn't?

It’s so hot that sometimes you don’t realize how rough you are until the hickeys and love bites appear the next morning. If you’re left with tiny purplish marks on your skin after a night of sex, you know what we’re talking about. Bruises are mostly found on the neck and arms and are caused by kissing or sucking the skin, which can damage the blood vessels under the skin. If you’ve landed here searching for how to get rid of hickeys, you know what these passion marks are. Here are some professional tips.

People try different methods to hide hickeys. Others cover up with layers of foundation, or wrap up in scarves to avoid being noticed in the sweltering heat. But healing hickeys requires more attention than that. Health Shots Contacts Leading Dermatologists Dr. Aplatim Goel I want to know an effective way to remove hickey marks.

How to get rid of hickeys fast?

The purple marks that appear after a passionate session are nothing more than bruises called hickeys or love bites. It is caused by the pressure of suction, which destroys small blood vessels and causes localized extravasation and pooling of blood. When red blood cells oxidize, they form purple spots. There’s no way to get rid of hickeys overnight, but you can try these methods suggested by Dr. Goel to help them heal faster.

Home remedies for hickeys that actually work!Image credit: Shutterstock

1. Add ice

As mentioned earlier, a hickey is just a birthmark. cold compress can help. Take some ice and rub the area. It’s great if you want to get rid of hickeys because it moves and breaks up blood clots.

2. Followed by warm compress

48 hours after using the cold compress, apply a warm towel. Dermatologists say it increases the blood supply to the area and promotes blood reabsorption.

3. Use drugs

When natural remedies don’t work, we turn to science for help. Talk about taking medications (recommended by your doctor) used to treat bruises. Then you can use creams such as arnica cream or thrombophobic cream commonly used for bruises. However, do not buy the drug without consulting your doctor.

Home remedies for hickeys: know what works and what works

There are some videos out there claiming that hickeys can be removed instantly. It would be nice if that was possible, but it isn’t. Love scars and bruises don’t go away quickly, they take a few days to disappear. Unfortunately, hiding it requires a temporary solution. Meanwhile, you can try the above methods to get rid of hickeys. But don’t believe everything you see on social media. With that said, here are some hickey internet hacks that may not work for you.

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1. Aloe vera gel

in the meantime aloe vera gel is a powerful ingredient packed with good nutrients, but it won’t help you get rid of hickey marks. Dr. Goel says that applying aloe vera gel to love bites may not heal the marks or heal the bruises. However, it is moisturizing and can be used as a moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and speed healing.

aloe vera gel
Can aloe vera help get rid of hickey marks?Image credit: Adobe Stock

2. Peppermint spray

Another hack circulating on the Internet is the peppermint spray, which is also a failure. Dr. Goel says that peppermint does not cause blood flow and does not reduce the symptoms of love stings. However, repeated rubbing of peppermint oil can irritate the skin and cause further skin reactions. We recommend skipping this hack.

3. Banana Peel Hack

This is another trend we’ve seen on the internet. yes, banana peel It contains antioxidants, has a soothing effect, but does not fade bruises. Helps provide a soothing effect on the skin.

Benefits of banana peel
Use a banana peel to remove hickeys.Image credit: Shutterstock

4. Other similar hacks that don’t work

As with peppermint, experts recommend avoiding ingredients like toothpaste and alcohol as they can cause skin reactions and cause problems.

Note: Whether you have hickeys or not, never use home remedies without doing a patch test and talking to your doctor.

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