HCAH works with insurance companies to provide out-of-hospital care. ET HealthWorld

HCAH works with insurance companies to provide out-of-hospital care.  ET HealthWorld

Gurugram: HCAH, out-of-hospital care The provider has announced partnerships with 14 major insurers to make insurance available to patients. India. This partnership is aimed at applying cashless insurance. out-of-hospital care.

HCAH It covers patients across multiple disciplines, including stroke recovery, head injury, spinal cord injury, critical care, pulmonary rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, onco-rehabilitation, and medical management.Collaborations include companies such as media assist insuranceManipal Cigna Health Insurance Company Ltd, SBI General Insurance Co. Ltd, and Navi General Insurance Ltd are just a few examples from the list.

Commenting on the collaboration, Vivek SrivastavaHCAH CEO and co-founder said, “We are very pleased to introduce insurance partnerships with leading players in the insurance space to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to patient transitional care. Equally excited, this is a common procedure, but India, which is a first in the field of TCC and rehabilitation care. These partnerships with India’s top insurers ensure patients have the peace of mind and financial protection they need during this critical time in their recovery process. HCAH introduced this to make transitional care centers affordable and accessible to all patients. ยป Medical Consumers in India. HCAH customized insurance policies are available at his HCAH Suvitas in Domlur, Bangalore and his HCAH Suvitas in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. These policies are designed for patients transitioning from hospital to home.

  • Published May 24, 2023 at 4:18 PM IST

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