Emergency nurse shortages strain hospitals Health News ET HealthWorld

Emergency nurse shortages strain hospitals Health News ET HealthWorld

hyderabad: Although the demand for trained nurses is increasing, Critical care has increased, but supply has not.In the post-corona era, an increasing number of patients are hospitalized with multiple complications that require long-term hospitalization. intensive care unitwhich requires a trained specialist nurse. Critical care. However, such nurses are in short supply and many hospitals are in financial crisis.

“We have hired three critical care nurses in the past year, even though our requirement is at least seven. but soon they had a better offer and had to raise their salary to match it to 45,000.Within a few months they got a better offer, They retired because they could no longer meet their salaries, some went abroad,” said Venkatesh Reddy, owner of a medium-sized hospital.

Telangana currently does not have a government educational institution for .nurse Paramedic practitioners and those trained in private institutions are absorbed there, and few remain in hospitals that do not have nursing colleges.

According to a recent report, Indian Nursing CouncilTelangana has only four private facilities with a total capacity of 80 seats for ‘nurses in critical care’, but the annual requirement is more than ten times higher.

“There is a huge shortage of nurses, and even more so in the critical care sector. are looking for other options,” said Laxman Rudavas, founder of the Telangana Nursing Personnel Association.

Dr Rajeshwari M, President of the Indian Institute of Trained Nurses (Telangana) added: Many small and medium-sized private hospitals do not pay nurses a minimum wage of 20,000, making the profession unattractive for nurses. “

  • Published May 25, 2023 at 6:35 PM IST

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