Draft WHO Convention, ET HealthWorld

Draft WHO Convention, ET HealthWorld

London: richer country The world should be asked to do more to address this issue. pandemicaccording to, new draft treaty are negotiating with who.

Countries with more “capacity and resources” should take “proportionate” responsibility for contingency preparedness and response. global health threatdocuments obtained by the news agency on Tuesday suggest.

The treaty, a legally binding agreement negotiated by WHO Member States, aims to address what the WHO calls a “catastrophic failure”. international community fight COVID-19 pretty much all over the world.

Since its emergence in China at the end of 2019, the novel coronavirus has killed nearly seven million people, disrupted the global economy and ravaged communities. More than 750 million infections have been reported.

On the occasion of the WHO Annual Meeting in Geneva, U.S. Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra brightly said countries would stick to the current negotiating schedule and adopt the agreement at the same meeting next year.

“We feel good. America is ready,” he told reporters, adding that the next global health threat was “probably not far away.”

The U.S. government initially resisted a legally-binding deal, and some Republican lawmakers continue to lobby against it.

The 42-page document sent to Member States and non-governmental organizations on Tuesday builds on submissions from all Member States to the previous version of the document. Countries have the option to remove many provisions from this article, including those on liability, in future negotiations. The next round of negotiations will take place in June.

Controversial items from previous drafts, such as intellectual property and the WHO’s reservation of 20% of tests, treatments and vaccines for distribution to poor countries in emergencies, remain in the new draft but are removed. There is a possibility. During the COVID-19 pandemic, no such provision existed for pandemic preparedness.

A provision in an earlier draft requiring pharmaceutical companies to disclose details of their dealings with the government appears to have been removed.

The document also describes a “pandemic” (one of several conundrums already spending time negotiating) as a “pathogen or mutation that is easily spread, dangerous, overwhelms the healthcare system, and takes necessary action. The global spread of species”. International adjustment.

  • Published May 24, 2023 at 10:41 AM (IST)

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