Digital sphygmomanometers are convenient but not accurate. Know how to use it correctly, ET HealthWorld

Digital sphygmomanometers are convenient but not accurate. Know how to use it correctly, ET HealthWorld

Lucknow: mercury-based blood pressure (BP) Monitors will be phased out by 2025, and soon people will have no choice but to use digital versions.

On the one hand the government local hospital Many people are already forced to use digital blood pressure monitors, and most people use digital blood pressure monitors at home as well.

However, experts are concerned about the accuracy of the results these devices provide, especially if they are not used according to the correct procedures.

‚ÄúPeople with high blood pressure need to monitor their blood pressure. But just as important is recording correct readings. must be recognized,” he said. Professor Pravesh VishwakarmaKGMU, Faculty of Cardiology.

of SphygmomanometerThe gold standard in blood pressure monitoring was invented by Scipione Riva-Rocci in 1896. However, because mercury is harmful to the atmosphere, the Minamata Convention has decided to reduce and eliminate the use of mercury-based appliances by 2025. India is among the 140 signatories. There is a 5-10% error when comparing digital and mercury-based monitors, but this difference can increase to 30% if not used properly.

Emphasizing the importance of blood pressure measurement for early diagnosis health problems, Professor Vishwakarma He said that measurements taken at home were more accurate than those taken in the clinical setting, as patients may experience anxiety in the clinical setting.

Digital blood pressure monitors have several advantages over mercury devices, including ease of use and no mercury. However, factors such as physical activity, stress, anxiety and sitting posture can affect blood pressure readings. Therefore, Vishwakarma said they should be taken into account when measuring blood pressure.

Professor Nar Singh Verma of the KGMU Department of Physiology advised patients to measure their blood pressure three times on both hands, one minute apart. A measurement is considered accurate if it varies less than 10% of his.

Dr. Praveen Sharma, a former cardiologist at Balrampur Hospital, emphasized that cuff position and tightness can also affect blood pressure readings. The patient should have the arm cuff wrapped at chest level, neither too tight nor too loose. Consider these factors when taking measurements.

Professor Bwan Tiwari, Dean of Cardiology at RMLIMS, recommended that patients purchase only ISI-certified digital blood pressure devices. He also advised users to read the user manual before using the device and check the battery regularly.

  • Published May 17, 2023 at 7:40 PM IST

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