Anti-Tobacco Warnings Coming To OTT Programs, Department Of Health To Change Rules, ET HealthWorld

Anti-Tobacco Warnings Coming To OTT Programs, Department Of Health To Change Rules, ET HealthWorld

New Delhi: OTT platform May become mandatory in the near future anti cigarette warning Disclaimers like those found in movies and TV shows shown in theaters Ministry of Public Health Related rules are likely to be revised, officials said Thursday. The Department is actively considering amendments to the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertising, Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) Regulations 2004, and a notice in this regard will soon be issued. The ministry said it was likely.

Publishers of curated online content that showcases tobacco products and their use will be required to display anti-tobacco health spots for a minimum of 30 seconds at the beginning and middle of their programs, according to the draft notice, official relations said. person said.

You are also required to display anti-tobacco health warnings as conspicuous static messages at the bottom of the screen when tobacco products or their use are displayed during the program.

Also, at least a 20-second audiovisual disclaimer regarding the harmful effects of tobacco use should be shown at the beginning and middle of the show, the sources said.

“Anti-tobacco health warning messages shall read ‘Tobacco causes cancer’ or ‘Tobacco kills’. In addition, anti-tobacco health warning messages, health spots, and audiovisual disclaimers shall be It must be in the same language as what is being published. Curated content online.”

Tobacco product use and smoking are extensively depicted in web series and streaming movies, officials said. OTT platform It does not contain any disclaimers that specifically violate the Tobacco and Other Tobacco Products Act 2003.

“OTT platforms play an important role in promoting smoking among children and adolescents in our country due to their immense popularity,” the official said.

Mr Ranjit Singh, supreme court Regulation changes really India World champion in regulating tobacco advertising through entertainment media.

“The morbidity and mortality from tobacco use are well established. The government enacted COTPA to discourage tobacco use by eliminating all direct and indirect tobacco advertising.

“The purpose of the tobacco industry is to make young people addicted to tobacco…The ban on tobacco advertising under COTPA has led to a surge in tobacco advertising incidents through entertainment media,” Singh said.

Binoy MatthewVoluntary Health Association Program Manager Indiasaid streaming services have been hugely popular, especially during the coronavirus pandemic and among teens.

“Teenages in uniforms were frequently shown smoking cigarettes. There were even scenes that mocked tobacco control laws and their intentions. There will be no more brazen tobacco advertising in the US,” Matthew said.

India will become a global leader in tobacco control by introducing OTT regulations. India can set an example for the world, he said.

According to the proposed rule amendments, the representation or use of tobacco products in online curated content does not extend to the representation of brands of cigarettes or other tobacco products.

If a publisher fails to comply with the provisions, an inter-ministerial committee composed of representatives from the ministries of Health, Information and Broadcasting, and Electronics and Information Technology will issue a notice to the publisher, explaining the non-compliance and taking appropriate action. You shall be given a reasonable opportunity to make corrections. According to another official, in its content.

“According to this damning notice, ‘online curated content’ means a curated catalog of non-news and current affairs audiovisual content owned, licensed, or contracted to be transmitted by the online curated content publisher. and available on demand over the Internet or computer network.

“That includes movies, audiovisual programs, documentaries, television shows, serials, series, podcasts and other similar content,” the official added.

  • Published May 25, 2023 at 5:00 PM (IST)

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