AIIMS Delhi Makes Campus Fully WiFi-Enabled, Board Formed to Oversee Process, ET HealthWorld

new Delhi: of AIIMS The administration sets up a committee, which Delhi An office memorandum issued Friday said the campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled. AIIMS Delhi has a mix of patient care, academic and research activities, requiring 24/7 secure Wi-Fi connectivity across the campus.

“Currently, Wi-Fi is only available in newer buildings and is noted to be very poor across most of the campus. Wifi Connectivity is causing great discomfort to patients, staff and visitors alike,” said director Dr. M Srinivas, reportedly in a memorandum.

In the absence of a common Wi-Fi network, many departments set up their own Wi-Fi networks to facilitate their daily work, and centrally monitor those networks for cyber threats. It’s getting harder, the report said.

“AllMS New Delhi campus wide is preferably in a Wi-Fi environment. Fi is enabled,” the note states.

A strong Wi-Fi connection also helps implement eCasualty and elCU for easy access. electronic libraryIt will help seamlessly share data and files over a secure network across AIIMS, he added.

A five-member committee submits expressions of interest (EOIsInterested companies will be asked to survey campuses and submit gap analysis reports and solution designs by July 15, according to the memo.

The committee will simultaneously discuss options for enhancing Wi-Fi connectivity on campus with various mobile and broadband Internet service providers using the existing fiber network here, and timely identify the best available solutions. said that it will definitely be implemented in

  • Published May 27, 2023 at 12:55 PM IST

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