48 Hours Deadline for ‘Cleanup’ Law on Bihar Hospitals, ET Health World

48 Hours Deadline for 'Cleanup' Law on Bihar Hospitals, ET Health World

PATNA: The health department has given seven hospitals a 48-hour ultimatum to cooperate on whether they follow cleanliness standards or face the music. The ultimatum comes a day after three major medical colleges and hospitals were given similar warnings as part of legal action. Two-day review meeting – Ends Wednesday – Promise to check progress below mission parivartan

on tuesday, Patna Medical College and Hospital, Nalanda Medical College and Hospital and Shri Krishna Medical College and Hospital has been reviewed.

Anugraha Narayan Medical College and Hospital in Gaya, Wednesday. Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College and Hospital, Bhagalpur. Government Medical College and Hospital, Betia. Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital. Waldmann Institute of Medical Sciences, PowerPuri. Jannayak Karpoori Thakur Medical College and Hospital, Madhepura, and Government Medical College and Hospital, Purnea were considered.

The main problem pointed out by the ministry was cleanliness, according to sources, who were raised to the heads of medical facilities that had not maintained sanitary conditions and were given two days’ notice to improve conditions. .

After the first day of examination, Special Secretary of the Ministry of Health Sanjay Kumar Singh said if agencies contracted to maintain cleanliness and sanitation work fail to improve by the deadline, a complaint will be filed against the FIR and the contract will be terminated. Measures will also be taken against staff members responsible for maintaining cleanliness. Attendance issues were also addressed at the meeting, and medical colleges and hospitals (MCH) were instructed to provide attendance information on their websites.

The ministry also decided to hold meetings with local and district administrations to resolve the problem of intrusions on and around MCH campuses. We also repair aging boundary walls to prevent intrusions and to ensure safety.

These instructions are mission parivartan launched by the Deputy Prime Minister Tejashwi Prasad YadavAll single-mother households are given a period of 60 days to improve the quality and quantity of their services. New medical colleges and hospitals are particularly required to improve internal conditions and improve their capacity to deal with the influx of patients in order to reduce the burden on older medical institutions.

  • Published May 25, 2023 at 11:39am (IST)

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